About our Turkeys

We are a local supplier of free range, all natural, antibiotic free turkeys. Fresh during the winter holiday season and frozen year round.

Whole Turkeys - $2.75 per pound

Note that there is a $5.00 drawing charge per bird - automatic charge to clean and prepare your turkey.

Bone-in Turkey Breast - $6.00 per pound

Smoked Turkey Breasts - ready to eat!

Smoked Breasts - $6.25 per pound

Turkey Bacon - $8.00 for 1 lb. package.

Ground Turkey - $5.00 for 1 lb. package.

Turkey Sausage - $6.50 for 1 lb. package.

Dark Meat ($7.00/pack) is available.

Drumsticks ($7.00/6 pack) are available.

Due to the fact that turkeys are a live commodity there is no way to guarantee an exact number of any given size.

We accept cash or check payment.

Thank you from everyone at Sho Nuf Turkey Farm.

photo of Sho Nuf's turkeys